Cold sores

A frequently occurring cold sore can be quite serious problem for some patients ranging from pain to infective swelling as well as being socially embarassing. If these cases are treated at earlier stages the cycle of events can be aborted. The patient may need few treatments before noticeable changes occur. Low Level Laser Therapy is used for this.

Affected area been there for few days Complete resolution of condition and stable

Herpes Simplex (Cold Sores)

  • 20% of population affected
  • If left untreated will resolved
  • Symptoms - oedema, blisters, pain, unsightly
  • Recurrence rates usually quite frequent
  • Conventional treatment - Anti virals to attenuate the virus and contain it in the area
  • Antibiotics to treat secondary infection

Herpetic Lesion and Acne Spot treated with Lasers (LLLT)

Before treatment

Immediate Post op 40 mins Immediate Post op 40 mins

24hr follow up

Before After 24 Hrs

3 day follow up 3 day follow up

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View our case studies

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