Limitation of Mouth Opening

This is a common condition but it has many causes and is a very complex issue due to involvement of the muscles, the jaw joint architecture and teeth and bite related issues. It can be the result of surgical complications after removal of wisdom teeth, or simply due to clenching as a result of stress etc.

Pre-existing joint related problems can sometimes get worse before getting better during correction therapy as in orthodontics.

Low Level Laser Therapy(LLLT)

This modality is something we have been working with for a long time and it helps to ease pain and stimulates natural healing efficiently. Different wavelengths are used with specific protocols.

There are no side effects as with medications and it is very safe in our hands. Lots of scientific research and data relating to this is now readily available.

Case 1 “Limited Opening”

This patient had difficulty opening her mouth and found it difficult to eat or even clean her teeth properly.

Site of pain Laser in action

LLLT was used on her TM Joint and Muscles

Increased opening within 10 minutes of treatment, mainly due to muscle relaxation, further treatment to find the exact cause can now be investigated and planned.

12mm opening before treatment After treatment - Increased opening

Case 2 - After wisdom teeth removal

Sometimes due to the impaction some swelling, pain and inability to open mouth to normal range is difficult for a few days after surgery. Cleaning can become an issue and that in turn worsens the problem and a vicious circle starts.

Using lasers to reduce pain, swelling and facilitate better opening can help greatly help patient comfort and healing.

After wisdom teeth surgery

Treated surgical site Treated surgical site

5 mins after laser therapy - Opening 32mm from 20mm

Before After

Before After

Case 3 - Pre-existing and other complex problems

This patient had joint problems among other previous surgical complications and was being treated to correct it. They were referred by to us by an oral surgeon.

Initially the orthodontic movement was painful and laser was used at each appointment, this helped the patient considerably and facilitated easy completion of a full course of orthodontic corrections.


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View our case studies

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