Oral ulcers

  • Most common lesion of the oral mucosa
  • Can be due to local or systemic disorders
  • For traumatic ulcers if cause removed heal spontaneously
  • Recurrent apthous ulcers are idiopathic and characterised by frequent recurrences
  • Symptoms-burning sensation, soreness, inflammation
  • Prevalance-11-20% of the population

Types of Ulcer

  • Apthous Ulcers
  • Traumatic Ulcers
  • Can be very painful
  • Lasers can treat ulcers heal faster and reduce pain in minutes. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on area and extent and cause.

A Laser is used for 15-30 secs at a time, and at most two or three times. The laser seals the open nerve endings and reduces pain and swelling.

These cases demonstrate laser healing capacity, viewing at different magnifications and time lapses from almost immediately after in case one, after 5 minutes in case two and a few hours after in case three, these images are at surgical microscope magnification at almost 20 times normal vision, which appears almost healed, in most cases the pain relief almost immediate.

Case 1

Oral ulcer Oral Ulcer immediately after LLLT

Case 2

Traumatic ulcer before treatment and again after 5 minutes. (note the increase in redness around the ulcer this signifies the increase in blood flow and the start of the healing and repair phase.

Before treatment 5 minutes after laser treatment

Case 3

Traumatic Ulcer treated immediately, it shows signs of repair in minutes and appears healed after two hours.

Before laser treatment Area after two hours

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View our case studies

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