Paradigm Shift

Some of the surgical procedures have always been a hospital based referral treatment option conventionally especially for children and a full general anaesthesia situation most of the time i.e. for Tongue ties and Frenctomy- these are small muscular attachments causing speech and /or tooth position problems and need to modified for better function, LASERS have totally revolutionised this procedures and can be now done in the surgery mostly with topical or local anaesthetics.

It has become a simple procedure for the trained laser dentists with all the benefits for the patients

Muscle attachment restricting tongue movement Muscle attachment restricting tongue movement

Before 30 mins after surgery

After Fully healed

Upper Teeth cannot move stay put due to muscle attachment

This patient was actually sent to the hospital as normal course for surgical removal of attachment and was told at hospital would have to be done under general anaesthesia. The parents were reluctant and sourced for alternative, they were suggested laser surgery so contacted us.

Gappy teeth with attachment Attachment removed

Day of surgery Next day healing

Happy patient Made our Day Happy to help

Thinking outside the box

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View our case studies

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