Testimonials from some of our patients

Having moved from New Zealand to London, I spent several years trying to find a dental practice that was comfortable, professional and leading the field as far as technology was concerned. After being recommended to Dr. Arun Darbar I finally found a practice that offered all those things and is well worth the short trip outside London!

Working in the entertainment industry as a make up and hair artist, having healthy teeth and great dental care is important not only aesthetically but also it's a must on a professional level when working so closely in people's personal space. As a client of Smile Creations it's something I know is well taken care of.
Michael Ashton – Celebrity Hair and Make-up artist

Dear Arun and Rita,

My teeth are still beautiful! Walking into your Bell Alley surgery is the best thing I ever did!

I wore braces as a child but had no follow-up care or ‘retainer’ braces given. Therefore by the time I was in my late 30s, my teeth had moved back almost where they were prior to orthodontic work! I underwent orthodontic treatment with Mrs Darbar and I am thrilled with the results. My ‘bite’ has been restored as well as much better aesthetic result which has given me back my smile. And more importantly, due to annual check-ups and wearing a small retainer brace twice a week at night-time, my teeth are staying in the right position! Well worth the effort and money!
J Golding

I have been going to Smile Creations for around 25 years. I used to live locally and it was easy for me to visit the surgery for regular checkups. When I moved to London around 7 years ago, I visited other dentists in my area. I have not found any that match the standard of Smile Creations. I therefore make the journey to Leighton Buzzard from London for my dental checkups as I know that I will be well looked after and will always leave their surgery with a great looking smile!
I have been a client of both Rita and Arun. During my teenage years, Rita fixed my braces and made my teeth perfectly straight. During the last 25 years, Arun has whitened my teeth and provided me with general dental care. Arun and Rita are both patient, approachable and answer any queries in a clear and easy to understand manner.
The staff at Smile Creations are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable and always willing to assist.
The premises have recently been refurbished and are superbly equipped. I have recommended Smile Creations to my friends and colleagues in the past and will continue to do so.

Reena Sharma

I was born in post war London to a working class family where fussing over your teeth was definitely not a priority. Both my parents acquired full sets of false teeth in their forties. I always had wonky teeth and over the years I always smiled with my mouth closed…. However, I hadn’t realised that wonky teeth are probably unhealthy teeth as they are so difficult to clean. And that is why I finally came to Arun Darbar, who had a mammoth task to sort out the problems that had built up. In the course of trying to ensure my teeth and gums were healthy, he also introduced me to the procedures that were available to make them look better as well.
I have to say that, looking back, it is somewhat of a mystery to me why I kept going. But I think it was because of the absolute trust and faith I had in Arun that he could deliver on his promises. The lure of a great smile kept me going.. After that everyone was treated to the Darbar smile. In our house, when we see someone on TV with dodgy teeth, we always say (paraphrasing the Specsavers ad) “they should have gone to Darbar’s!” You see, Arun isn’t just a dentist with great skills; he’s also an artist, creating from his vision.

T Dinn

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