We all accidentally do things

This patient crushed her thumb in a hurry to close the car door fortunately she coming to see us and walked in in tears not in pain but thinking what will happen to it???

Will it go black and drop off or eventually die!

Thumb was laser treated immediately.

Fractured Nail, bleeding internally visible Laser in action

Reduced pooling within nail to relieve pain Weeks later no black nail

Still stable

Still Stable and not gone black patient reported eventually grew out normally without complication and one happy patient.

Icy Conditions

One of our team members unfortunately had nasty fall and injured her hand, so we were able to treat her with a laser within minutes.

We followed up on the treatment for the next three days.

No scars or pain or infection.

Debris had to removed before treatment.

Hand Trauma Fresh Wound Multiple Treatment Sites

24 hours later 24 hours later

Third Treatment day Third Treatment day

Now Now

Trauma Case

This episode made this patient very anxious, nervous etc and parents were very worried too.

Tooth root was mobile.

GDP referred patient to me to carry out treatment and do whatever was best for patient.

By now the patient had become phobic of injections, shocked from the trauma, and had previously had a bad experience after a conventional root treatment. The prognosis of the tooth was poor if the appropriate treatment could not be provided. All the treatment was managed without injections and multiple lasers were used for treatment of the root canal and for pain management to make the child as comfortable as possible throughout the treatment.

Case 1

Pre treatment Pre treatment

After treatment 2 Year Recall

Case 2 - Stunt goes wrong

  • Bike accident - handle bar got in the way
  • Confired needle phobic
  • 3 Incisors avulsed (came out)
  • Several cuts and bruises
  • Lower incisors intruded and luxated

Before Before - close up

After 10 days After complex treatment with lasers

After complex treatment with lasers and restorative treatment as an interim stage in a couple of months.

  • Centrals re-implanted
  • Splinted
  • Repositioned
  • Sutured
  • Lateral missing

Case 3 - Bike accident

Patient was brought in to us within half an hour of the accident, a laser was used only on the face and his mother noted that the change in healing over next few days compared to rest of the bruises on his face and body was so much better.

Within few hours of accident 15/8/11 After laser therapy 23/8/11

Thinking outside the box

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View our case studies

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