“In the Pink”

What is the Smile Creations “In The Pink” Plan?

At Smile Creations Dental Innovations ® we understand that times are tough for most of us in the current economic climate, so we wanted to find a way that may help ease that stress when it comes to your dental needs. It is very important to maintain your dental health to prevent further problems in the future, so by having healthy teeth and gums means you are “In the Pink”, as we are sure you know, healthy gums are a nice shade of pink, unhealthy gums are not! So we want to help you to stay “In the Pink” with us and join one of our plans. We will aim to monitor your oral health regularly and help you achieve your healthy pink status while reducing your dental bills and protecting your investment. Your Smile…Our Creations!

For monthly payments of the same amount (you choose which plan would best suit you) for a year you are splitting the cost of your regular dental maintenance exams, cleans, x–rays throughout the year whilst also giving you peace of mind when traveling as you are covered for worldwide emergency dental care. Furthermore you will receive an additional 10% discount on dental treatment you may need at Smile Creations while registered under the plan.

Why join “In The Pink” ?

  • Regular hygiene visits for a fresher and brighter smile
  • Less likelihood of a dental emergency
  • The latest dental technologies used for your treatment
  • Personal care and attention
  • Spread the cost of your essential dental care over a year
  • Worldwide dental accident and emergency insurance
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • State of the art techniques in Laser Dentistry
  • Peace of mind
  • Relaxed and comfortable environment
  • We care about our patients

Do you take your car for an MOT every year?

YES is probably your answer.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your car is. A regular dental health maintenance check is like an MOT for your oral health and your regular hygiene clean appointment is like your car's routine servicing. It is imperative that you see us regularly to ensure fine–tuning of your oral health. With regular visits it will allow us to alert of you of any problems or causes of concern with as much advance notice as possible. Early detection will help us fix the problem in a timely manner and prevent any further speed bumps that may arise.

By joining our “In The Pink” plan you are advance booking your regular “Oral Health MOTs & Services” and we can help you have a healthier happier smile for many years to come.

Ask one of our team members for an enrolment pack and become an “In The Pink” member today!

In the Pink

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I was a happy electrosurgery user till I went on Arun’s course, after that I wanted to kick myself for taking so long to swop over to Lasers! Arun is very passionate in his knowledge of lasers and gives a good comprehensive course on use of lasers to enable all GDP's to be able to use them confidently and competently in their own practices.
Shameek Popat
Rosebank Dental Practice