Cosmetic dentist near Leighton Buzzard LU7

The field of cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular as individuals attempt to fix problems with their teeth in order to boost self-esteem concerns. It technically refers to anything that improves the appearance, but does not have to improve function, of the gums, teeth or bite. You must be careful when selecting a cosmetic dentist in Leighton Buzzard LU7 to perform your procedures because it is not officially recognises as a specialty by British Dental Association (BDA).

Cosmetic dentistry includes multiple procedures such as tooth whitening or bleaching. It is by far the most common procedure and is used both in homes and at a professional location in a cosmetic dentist office. The most effective way to lighten the teeth is at a practice where the technology is able to create the best results in the shortest time period.

Another area in the field is tooth reshaping. This procedure involves removing parts of the enamel to improve the look of the tooth, which may be to fix a small chip or to change its positioning or shape. It's important to keep in mind that when enamel is removed it cannot be replaced in the same manner. Bonding is another area in the field, which includes the process of a composite that is similar to enamel being placed on the surface of the tooth and then hardened, polished and sculpted to make it fit into the natural look of the teeth.

Bridges are an excellent solution to fill in gaps from missing teeth in the mouth. They're also known as pontics and get fused in the middle of two crowns to fill the space that. They are a permanent solution and cannot be removed in the same way that dentures can. It's also necessary to practice good oral hygiene habits after getting the bridges to ensure that they last for their expected lifespan, which is ten or more years.

Veneers are also options in Leighton Buzzard LU7 to deal with discoloured teeth that do not respond in the desired manner to professional whitening treatments. They are incredibly thin and custom-made out of porcelain. They get directly bonded to the teeth. The dentist may need to reduce the tooth itself to make room for the veneers in some cases.

It's absolutely essential to select a cosmetic dentist that you feel completely comfortable with and want to have an ongoing relationship with. Some procedures need to be done over days, weeks or even months to get the desired results so you need to trust the professional you are working with to do their best job in making your smile the best it can be.